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Transition FAQ

Transition Dates

Given the current situation, arrangements for transition may be subject to change. We will contact parents/carers when we are aware of any new arrangements. We thank you for your patience in this difficult time and endeavour to give you further information when we are able to. If you have any questions, please refer to the letter we sent to you in May. This may alleviate some of your concerns. You can also contact us on the following email: (Mrs Salmon – Assistant headteacher) (SENCO)

The Transition Programme ​ ​

Throughout your child’s time at Primary school, we work closely with the pyramid to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary school is made as easy as possible for your child. We have a close partnership with the pyramid schools. Working together, we can ensure the best support for your child.

As part of transition, pupils within the Pyramid are given a number of opportunities to visit the Academy. These include: theatre productions, The Spelling Bee, Parent tours, Accelerated Reader and numerous sporting events.  All of these events enable your child to have experience of the Academy before they attend in September.

In September, the first two days of Year 7 are key to helping your child settle in. During this time, only year 7 pupils are in school and this forms part of our transition plan.  This enables them to find their way around the school, get to know the teachers and support staff and to make new friends within their form and year group. The first day is spent with Form Tutors so that pupils are able to get to know other pupils within their form and their form tutor. During the second day, pupils will have the opportunity to go to some of their lessons. 

We also have an established programme of Key Stage Three transition mentoring. This further supports pupils with transition and establishes strong links between parents/guardians and the Academy to ensure the best possible support is given to pupils. 

Prior to the transition days, staff from the Academy will visit Pyramid schools to meet with pupils who are to join us in September. This gives year 6 pupils the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns.

The first transition day takes place in July and a further two more are in place in September. All pupils (including those from out of district) are given the opportunity to attend. They participate in five lessons, each especially designed for transition, and stay with us for both break and dinner. Pupils will be sent a letter explaining further details of the transition days in June. 

We look forward to working with you during the transition process and throughout your child’s time with us. 

Mrs S Salmon (Assistant Headteacher)