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PE Clubs and Fixtures

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PE Clubs and Fixtures

Sports Fixtures – Students are asked to record times of return in their planners, as game lengths may vary

Sports Activities June 2021 (Mon 7th Start)

Monday2.50 – 4.003G / Sports Hall / GymTournamentsYear 9PE Staff
Monday2.50 – 4.00L16PE Detentions (Y9)Year 9MF
Monday2.50 – 4.00Bottom Field (use IE changing rooms)Girls RugbyYear 7Kieth / DH
Tuesday2.50 – 4.003G / Sports Hall / GymTournamentsYear 8PE Staff
Tuesday2.50 – 4.00Bottom FieldGirls RugbyYear 8Kieth
Tuesday2.50 – 4.00Dance StudioDance / Cheer ClubYear 9F2D
Tuesday2.50 – 4.00Fitness SuiteFitnessYear 9NNH / MF
Wednesday2.50 – 4.00AnyAthleticsYear 8HC / CB
Wednesday2.50 – 4.00Fitness SuiteFitnessYear 9TS / DH
Wednesday2.50 – 4.00L16PE Detentions (Y8)Year 8OS
Wednesday2.50 – 4.00CourtsBTEC Sports BoosterYear 11PY
Wednesday2.50 – 4.00L1210F PG1 / BoosterYear 10FHB
Thursday2.50 – 4.003G / Sports Hall / GymTournamentsYear 7PE Staff
Thursday2.50 – 4.00Dance Studio Dance / Cheer ClubYear 7F2D
Thursday2.50 – 4.00Fitness SuiteFitnessYear 10KF / CB
Thursday2.50 – 4.00L16PE Detentions (Y10)Year 10NNH
Friday2.50 – 4.00AnyAthleticsYear 7HC / CB / MF
Friday2.50 – 4.00Fitness SuiteFitness SuiteYear 10TS / PY
Friday2.50 – 4.00L16PE Detentions (Y7)Year 7CT
Friday2.50 – 4.00L12BTEC Sport BoosterYear 11NNH

Each week on the night where it says tournaments, it will be a different sport each week. Come along with a pre-planned team or we can put you into a team on the night. Come and enjoy some competitive sport in the last summer term.