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Tribute to ex pupil Clayton Bottomley

It is with deep regret that we inform you of a recent loss to our school community. Clayton Bottomley sadly passed away on Sunday 23rd May 2021 following an accident at work.  Clayton joined Castleford Academy as a Year 7 pupil in September 2015 and left Year 11 last year.  Clayton was working with his dad, David Bottomley at the time.  Tragically, David died at the scene of the accident last week.

Clayton always had passion for sport, in particular rugby.  This is something he enjoyed with the whole family.  He played for the school team as well as Lock Lane Rugby Club.  Clayton was a popular pupil and well liked by both staff and pupils.

Headteacher, Mr Panayiotou shared that ‘Clayton was a bright boy with a bright future ahead of him and the whole school community are deeply saddened by this sudden and tragic loss. Our thoughts are with the family who have suffered an unimaginable loss.’

Castleford Academy staff shared some of their thoughts:

“Like everyone, I was so saddened to hear the tragic news about Clayton and his dad. Clayton was a talented young sportsman and young man who loved his family dearly. He was always there for them as support,  protector and a guide like they were there for him. As a family unit they were so incredibly close and I know that the good memories they made together will stay with them forever. Sending all our love and strength to Clayton’s family and friends. We will always be here to support. Clayton will be remembered fondly.”

“You were always a lovely, polite and grown up young man with your life in front of you. I cannot explain the sadness we all feel. Rest in peace Clayton.”

“May you rest in peace Clayton, it was a pleasure to have known & worked with you. I will always remember you as the sports mad, team player who loved to be in the middle of a challenging game where you could motivate and inspire others around you.”

“I never taught Clayton but in all my dealings with him he was a lovely, bright, funny, well-liked, well-mannered lad who always smiled.  My thoughts are with his family and friends.”

“I have watched you grow from a beautiful baby in arms to a strapping handsome young man. You will always be loved, always remembered and always missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know you. Rest in eternal peace beautiful boy, forever young.”

“A beautiful person inside and out. I will always remember being at Thornwick Bay and having an evening out with you and the family. You were funny and witty and made us laugh lots. You will never be forgotten Clayton. God has gained a gem. Rest in peace.”

“Reunited with your Dad forever. Sleep tight Clayton, keep watch over your special mum and sister. We will look after them.”

Clayton, I am still in absolute shock. It does not seem two minutes ago that you started school and were sat in my form room as part of 7RL. You were passionate about PE and Rugby, interests we had in common. We shared some memorable experiences; sports fixtures, playing at Wembley in 2016 and the Ski Trip to name a few. Memories and photos from these have extra meaning now. I have been looking back at photos of our sports days, I certainly could rely on you to bring home the ‘best supported award’ with your singing and enthusiasm. Your character was never something I doubted, I had high aspirations for you. We could have a laugh and joke, but you always knew where the line was with me. If we ever had to have words, I would go in to your mums office and she’d say “go on, what’s he done now?” And then we’d talk about how daft you could be. It’s been lovely this year going in and her telling me how well you have been getting on.

I am absolutely devastated this has happened. The response from the entire community for both you and your dad, shows how much you meant to people. I am just glad you will be together. Look down on your mum and Molly, we are all here to support them

Clayton, what a happy, talented, kind and caring student. We were all lucky to have had the honor of teaching you. You made everyone very proud. We will do everything we can to support your mum and sister. Rest in peace.”

We never lose the ones we love not even after death, their memory becomes apart of you with each heartbeat and every breath. May Clayton continue live on in all those he touched and loved.”

I have been thinking what I will miss the most about Clayton, and I think it has to be his laid back nature. I used to tell him off for reclining in his chair, with his hands behind his head, looking like he was sunbathing in Ibiza! But now it’s actually made me realise that we could all be a bit more ‘Clayton’ and take moments to relax and be more easy going. Clayton was also a deep thinker, and would consider his thoughts before expressing them, his contributions in lesson were always welcomed and appreciated, he had a fantastic outlook on life. He also had a brilliant sense of humour and knew exactly how to wind me up and make me laugh! I remember teaching a lesson to Clayton’s Year 11 GCSE RE group about organ donation, and I vividly recall him saying that he would be happy to donate any organ when his time on earth had come to an end, so that he could live on in others. I am incredibly proud that he has gone on to save so many other people’s lives, and I really hope this brings Paula and Molly some form of comfort. Words don’t seem enough to be able to express how sorry I am for their loss, they have been and will always be in my thoughts.

We will continue to support Clayton’s mum and sister throughout this heart-breaking time.

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