Castleford Academy

Hepworth Gallery CoLab

One of year 9 GCSE Art groups have been working on an exciting project led by CoLab Wakefield in partnership with the Hepworth Gallery.  Pupils worked with spoken word artist Simone Yasmin to produce their own zine and a permanent exhibition which is now on display in Butler Hall.  The sessions involved pupils writing poetry and discussing the issues that were important to them. Issues such as racism, disability equality, classism and mental health were spoken about with passion and maturity. The workshop provided a valuable cross curricular experience which has enabled pupils to link poetry, art and activism.  Year 9 are now working on their issues-based project in lessons. We plan to add some of the final outcomes to the display in Butler Hall. The zine produced by pupils will be distributed at the Hepworth gallery and the project will feature on their website. 


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