National Volunteer's​ Week


As it was National Volunteers Week last week, we would like to celebrate the achievements of three of our Y11 leavers in regards to the volunteer work they have carried out at Queen's Mill through the Castleford Heritage Trust.  Jack Senior, Phoebe Early and Jordan Parker have dedicated in excess of 100 hours to the Mill and Trust ranging from photography workshops through to actually running fundraising events. 

It is extremely important to the Academy that pupils contribute to their local community and we invited in Alison Drake, Chair of the Castleford Heritage Trust, and Alison Fender, one of our school governors who provided the link to the Trust, to present the pupils with thank you gifts, a Headteacher's award from our Head and, most importantly, a reference.  The personalised reference details their immense amount of work and, crucially, the skills they have gained through volunteering.  These skills and evidence of them in a reference are absolutely crucial for pupils who want to apply for University or Apprenticeships.  It is getting increasingly competitive in these areas now and pupils need to show that they can do above and beyond simple qualifications. 

Alison Fender is one of our governors and her employer (Yorkshire Building Society) provides time back for her to volunteer in the local community through their Volunteering Program.  This gift of time means Alison can support the Academy and the Castleford Heritage Trust for up to 31 hours per year.  Alison set up the Young Volunteers section of the Queen's Mill that our pupils volunteered through and offered a lot of advice, support and guidance to our young volunteers.

Pupils interested in volunteering with the Castleford Heritage Trust can contact them directly at their website or speak to Mr Prinsep in school.  Volunteering can also be taken through the school's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (see Miss Baxby for details) and through the National Citizenship Service details of which can be found in the Academy library.