Dare To Aspire

International and Premiership Rugby Player George Fouche visited the Academy on Wednesday to give a one hour interactive assembly to all our Y10 pupils.  George has a fantastic life story to tell from him walking to school barefoot in South Africa through various momentous knocks and onto to success both as a rugby player and as a teacher.  The pupils hung off every word and many were still talking about it the next day. 

George also agreed to conduct some workshops and some of Y10 worked with him on motivational presentations, our Y7s took on a challenge to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows and finally, George met with some of our Y11 pupils to discuss his life and how he deals with motivation. 

George's message is that there are no excuses in life and the only person to push you to succeed is yourself.  He also shows that you can come from any background, be given any label and still dare to aspire to be the best version of you that can be.