​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Biology Challenge 2018​ - The results are in!​

Castleford Academy Biology students from year 9 and 10 have taken part in the Biology Challenge 2018, a set of tests that are run by the Royal Society of Biology. It is a national competition and this year more than 43,000 students took part.

The competition consisted of two 25-minute online test papers. The questions tested the students and their knowledge on several key areas of Biology including the school curriculum, the student’s own knowledge of the subject gained by reading books, magazines and watching natural history programmes and on information gathered whilst watching key items of biological interest within the news.

Gold, silver and bronze certificates were awarded to the top scoring pupils and Ciaran Greatbatch in 10CW was the highest scoring pupil at Castleford Academy and was awarded a Gold certificate.

This capped off an amazing performance by all of the students who participated, with the 2018 Biology Challenge performance being the most successful year ever for the Academy. In total, 48 awards were awarded including 10 Silver, 12 Bronze, 11 Highly commended and 14 Commended certificates.

All students who have taken part in this year’s competition are also eligible to a free year of BioNet membership. Well done to all, we are really proud of you.​