​Castleford Academy would like to change the hours of its school day 

Castleford Academy would like to change the hours of its school day by adding 5 minutes to form time.  

This would mean that the school day would commence at 8.45am and still finish at 2.50pm.  We would not be changing any other part of the school day just extending form time to 20 minutes to run from 8.45 – 9.05

The reason for this is in response to pupil feedback, staff feedback and parental feedback in the surveys.  Pupil's wellbeing and ensuring that our pupils are happy both in the school and in themselves is crucial to us. We really think this would enhance this provision.  Much of this work is done in lessons but a significant amount of it is also done during our daily form time.  Form time is when pupils spend time every single day together in form with their peers and their form tutor.  It is a time when we can get notices to pupils and also address areas around their personal social health education through activities, discussions or assemblies.  It is also a time when form tutors can talk to pupils about their time at school and their daily worries. 

Under the increasing amount of curriculum to fit in (and preparation for the new exams), pupils and staff are telling us they want to have more time in form to complete these activities and ease themselves into the day.  Therefore, it is our proposal to adjust the school day by 5 minutes and extend this time. 

We would like your views on this proposal before applying to the Trustees and we will also be consulting staff (both teaching and non-teaching), pupils, unions, the local authority, bus timetables and local primary feeder schools.

The parent consultation will begin on Monday 15th May and run until the end of the day on Monday 5th June.  The proposal is for implementation of the new school hours on Tuesday 5th September 2017. 

If you wish to give us your views please email admin@castlefordacademy.com placing "organisation of the school day" in the Subject title.  Alternatively, you may contact our office on 01977 605060 or put your response in writing and post it to Castleford Academy, Ferrybridge Road, Castleford, WF10 4JQ by the end of day Monday 5th June 2017.  "​