A relationship gone wrong, teen fears and the loss of the internet, this is FOMO.
Since January, 18 BTEC Performing Arts pupils have collaborated with the drama staff and professionals from Sheffield Theatres to perform an original play as part of the National Theatre 'Connections' festival. FOMO takes a light hearted look at the issues teenagers today face and tells the story through a series of tweets, posts and status updates.

Pupils worked tirelessly within rehearsals, blocking what was an incredibly complex and detailed script. The commitment shown over the three months of rehearsals both in and out of school time was fantastic and meant the end product was a confident and comical performance enjoyed by many who attended the two night run at Castleford Academy.

The show then moved to The Crucible Theatre (Sheffield) to be performed in a professional space to a public audience. Pupils endured a long technical rehearsal but remained professional throughout. A special mention here to Tom Dooley and Daniel Shaw who worked with the technical team at the theatre and controlled all of the lighting and sound effects excellently throughout the performance, a huge responsibility and an integral part to the show. 

The Pupils met with a group from the West Yorkshire Playhouse for a warm up who were also performing that evening. The professionalism of both groups and supportive attitudes towards each other throughout the performances was fantastic to see and really made the evening.

After a very quick tea (the theatre stops for no one!) it was time to take to the stage for the final performance. Students were undoubtedly nervous but pushed all fears aside, performed with confidence and did themselves proud. The piece was received brilliantly by the audience who could be heard laughing throughout.

Countless people worked incredibly hard to make the performance a success. Thank you to the site team for building our set and the KS3 Art Club for painting it. To the parents who have helped with line learning at home, seen the performance and picked the pupils up on an evening. To the audiences who have supported the pupils by coming to the shows and finally, to the performers who have worked constantly and professionally over the last term to create a thought provoking, comical and memorable performance enjoyed by all involved.

Mr King & Mrs Cronshaw.