Year 8 Careers Performance

The whole of Y8 today received a "Careers Performance" to help them in starting the process of making their options choices later in the year.  The show was a visit from Performance In Education (PIE).  The theatre performance was entitled 'Steps to Success' and it is a highly successful show exploring future routes and widening participation in Higher Education. Funded by the HEART Network (higher education outreach network), the show is designed for Year 8 students as it is in this academic year that pupils will make their options choices.   

The show followed three students with very different attitudes to learning and planning ahead. It was an informative and fun introduction to post 16 & 18 pathways, focusing on the different options available (including different routes to higher education) and the importance of planning for a successful and fulfilling future.

It is very important at this stage that Y8 start thinking about their potential future pathways.  The academy will help them to do this through an options afternoon, a career session with their form tutor, a parent booklet and pupils can also book a "careers appointment" with Katie Oldroyd, our Careers Officer, as well as receiving regular careers assemblies from Mr Prinsep and Mrs Cook. 

There are also some links on our website including some computer packages that can help pupils figure out potential career paths or to research job roles, responsibilities, entry qualifications and potential  salaries/vacancies.