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The Student Leadership Team

Student leadership is an incredibly important part of Castleford Academy life. It is an opportunity for pupils to voice their views and opinions on their education, and discuss the day to day running of the academy. Not only that, the leadership opportunities provided for all pupils enable them to flourish in becoming responsible citizens. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to get involved in leadership both in and around the curriculum. One of which is voting during the UK Youth Parliament ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign, which is a national event that allows all pupils to express concerns and vote to discuss the biggest issues facing young people in society today. 

Student Leadership Team – each form group democratically elects a representative who attend regular meetings to discuss and share their form group’s views on various issues that affect them as a year group. The Student Leadership Team work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team in order to provide feedback to their form via a Wellbeing Wednesday activity called; ‘You Said, We Did’. Pupils have already made changes to reward system, uniform policy and menu provided at lunch time. 

Prefects – Pupils in Year 10 have the opportunity to apply for the position of Head Prefect or be part of the wider prefect team when they begin their academic journey in Year 11. The Head Prefects and their team represent the voice of pupils, and are role models for both their peers and younger pupils. They are key ambassadors for the academy, and work exceptionally hard to promote positive behaviour and attitudes for all, whether this is through planning and executing fundraisers for local charities, or providing wellbeing support for younger pupils during break time drop-in sessions. All of their hard work and efforts and acknowledged and rewarded when they get to plan their end of year celebration, the Year 11 prom. 

Subject Ambassadors – Subject ambassadors are the driving force behind many extra-curricular clubs, trips and visits. They are a representative of the department that they work with, and go above and beyond to support their chosen subject by being a much needed extra pair of hands, whether that is during a parents evening, a sports tournament or a primary school visit. The passion for their chosen subject shines through.