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Pupil Premium Information​

The Pupil Premium is a grant provided to schools and academies for pupils aged 11 to 16 who are on Free School Meals, have been on Free School Meals at some point in the last 6 years, for Looked After Children and for Services Children. The Government provides a further £985 per child and this money is to be used in narrowing the gap between the progress of pupils who are “disadvantaged”.

At Castleford Academy, any pupil who is not meeting expected progress will be given a wealth of support and it is academy policy that teaching staff, non-teaching staff and governors support pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium and ensure that they do not fall behind (or catch up if they are behind when they arrive with us).

The Pupil Premium Strategy also includes the recovery premium funding. This strategy is put in place to help all students following school absences during the pandemic.

Does your child qualify?

For more information to see if your child is eligible for the Pupil Premium but don’t currently claim for Free School Meals, please click here for the application process​.

Pupil Premium Documentation

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-23


​Number of pupils in school​1508
Proportion (%) of pupil premium eligible pupils ​(29%)
Pupil premium funding allocation this academic year £358,000 
Recovery premium funding allocation this academic year £100,740 (£29,916 to be used to support school led tutoring) 
£44,874-Grant for School led tutoring. 
LAC15 Pupils