​​​​​​​​Policies / Information​ - Disability Equality Scheme


The 2005 amendments to the Disability Discrimination Act place a duty on the school to have regard to the need to:

Promote equality of opportunity between disabled people and others
Eliminate discrimination that is unlawful under the Act
Eliminate harassment of disabled people related to their disabilities
Promote positive attitudes towards disabled people
Encourage participation by disabled people in public life
Take account of disabled people’s disabilities even when that involves treating them more favourably than non-disabled peers.
Monitor and report on the impact of our policies.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 mean that:

It is unlawful to treat disabled pupils less favourably than non-disabled peers
Reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure they are not put to a disadvantage
Plans are made to increase access to education over time (Accessibility Plan)

This Scheme sets out ways in which Castleford Academy aims to meet its duties. It should be read in conjunction with:

School Aims
The school’s Equal Opportunities Policy
Social Inclusion and Special Needs Policy
Education in Wakefield –a guide for parents
Accessibility Plan which lays out plans to increase access for disables people
Premises section of school Improvement Plan.

Definition of Disability

The definition includes people with hearing and visual impairment, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, mental health issues, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, Down’s syndrome and hydrocephalus, cystic fibrosis, severe asthma, diabetes, cancer, MS, epilepsy, sickle cell anaemia, HIV, facial disfigurement, sever dyslexia, gross obesity and eating disorders.


This policy builds upon the core values and ethos as expressed in all the documents listed above. The statements apply to all members of the school community.

Castleford Academy aims to be an “Outstanding School” where pupils enjoy learning, achieve highly and enter the adult world with confidence. Within this ethos of achievement, we do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. We actively tackle discrimination against those with disability, racial discrimination, sexual harassment and discrimination. We promote equal opportunities and good relations between and amongst all.

We aim to ensure that the school promotes the individuality of all our pupils, irrespective of ethnicity, attainment, age, disability, gender or background. We are committed to taking positive action where necessary to redress the balance of inequality that may exist. We aim to reflect the diversity of our local community and society and ensure that the education that we offer fosters positive attitudes to all people.

Our school admissions policy is in line with Wakefield Family Services and is equally open to pupils of all age groups.

For further comments on our schools inclusive ethos see

Ofsted Report 2006
Inclusion Now Report 2007

Current Profile of the School

The school has 1260 pupils with balanced gender intake. Ethnic minorities are under represented (compared to national benchmarks) reflecting the nature of our local community. We have a higher proportion of pupils with disabilities as we are the Family Services base for Deaf and Hearing impaired pupils of secondary age.

As a school with its origins in 1908 it is not an easy site to adapt to meet current needs but we have achieved wheel chair access to all ground floor buildings, lift access to the upper floor of the main building. Adaptations have been made to a selected number of teaching rooms to provide a suitable acoustic environment for our HI pupils as well as a fully equipped base resource.

Demographically the trends within these areas are relatively stable with some in migration developing from Eastern European Communities. Considerable house build is taking place on the sites of long redundant industry the impact of which still has to be felt in the pyramid.

Responsibility for the Policy

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that:

the school complies with all equalities legislation relevant to the school community;
the school’s Equality policy is maintained and updated regularly;
that procedures and strategies related to the policy are implemented;
the named Race Equality Governor will monitor, on behalf of the governing body, all racist incidents and ensure that appropriate action is taken in relation to all said incidents

The Headteacher and Senior Management are responsible for:
along with the Governing body, providing leadership and vision in respect of equality and diversity;
overseeing the implementation of the Equality and Diversity Policy;
co-ordinating the activities related to equality and diversity;
ensuring that staff are aware of their responsibilities and are given relevant training and support;
taking appropriate action in response to racist incidents, discrimination against persons with a disability and sexual harassment or discrimination.

All Staff are responsible for:
Dealing with incidents of discrimination and knowing how to identify and challenge bias and stereotyping;
Not discriminating on grounds of race, disability, or other equality issues;
Keeping up to date with equalities legislation by attending training events organised by the school.

Involving disabled people in the development policy

Castleford Academy has involved disabled people in the development of this Scheme by consulting disabled parents and pupils directly.

It will involve disabled people in future by:
Consulting parents through the school newsletter/Kirkland Rowell Questionnaire
Consulting any disabled pupils and their parents
Contacting Adult Education users
Discussions at School Council Meetings
Discussions at School Inclusion Group