Following further government and DfE guidance, the Academy will not open to pupils until at least the 8th of March. Remote learning will therefore continue to be the main avenue to continue teaching and learning and pupils are advised to follow their normal school timetable where possible. At Castleford Academy, we are using a blend of both live and pre-recorded video lessons for remote learning. All live lessons need to be accessed through pupils' personal TEAMS calendar and pre-recorded remote learning activities will need to be accessed through the Show My Homework platform. Pupils must complete activities set and ensure that this work is submitted back to their teacher in the method requested by their teacher in the live lesson or on Show My Homework.

Castleford Academy

KS3 Clubs

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Extra Curricular​ – KS3 Afterschool Timetable​

Independent LearningMonday – Thursday7, 8, 9Learning Centre2:50 – 3:50
​Independent Learning (Quiet)Monday – Thursday​AllLibrary​2:50 – 4:00


Drama ClubTK7 & 8Drama2:50 – 3:20


History Club​SLS​7 & 8H472:50 – 3:20
STEM ClubDPC, SA​9T642:50 – 3:30​
​Planet Earth Film ClubJXMAll YearsH452:50 – 3:50
​Board Game ClubBNAll Years​H43​2.50 – 3.20​
​Cas Factor SingersMusic StaffAll YearsMusic Department3.00 – 3.30
Sign Language Club​K ReedAll YearsDeaf Resource Base2.50 – 3.30


​’Making a Difference’ RE ClubSM7 and 8H492:50 – 3:50
The Big ByteCH​7 and 8​S532.50 – 3.50
Board Game ClubBN​7 to 10​H43​​2.50 – 3.20​


Science Club​​JW​7 and 8​S54​3:00 – 3:30​
CasMAGTR​All YearsM423.00 – 4.00
Computer Games Development ClubCW​7​S562.50 – 3.20
​Soul BandRWAll YearsMusic Department​3.00 – 3.30
​Dynamix​RW​Invite OnlyMusic Department​4.00 – 4.30​
Musical Theatre ClubDrama StaffAll YearsDrama​3.00 – 3.30
​Art ClubDD7 – 9T64​2:50 – 3:50​


BadmintonGV and TH​7, 8, 9Sports Hall3:00 – 4:00​​
​Minecraft ClubCW7​S56​2.50 – 3.20
​CasTV​TR​All YearsM423.00 – 4.00​