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Head Boy & Girl Statement

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At Castleford Academy we believe in the power of young minds and voices. Consequently, as Head Girl and Head Boy, we are determined to ensure that we create the optimum environment for the pupils across all years in our academy to help them succeed. One of our main priorities is the health of our peers; physically, mentally and emotionally, which is why we will be working hard to ensure that every single person at our academy has access to support that meets any needs they may have. We understand how difficult the past year has been for all pupils and that there have been a wide range of different experiences, but we hope that the routines and environment of our academy will continue to comfort us all as we begin to return to normality.

We will do all we can to support the school to aid all pupils in catching up on any lost learning and getting back into the rhythm of academy life at our outstanding academy. By ensuring that everyone is aware of the many different things they can do to support their success, health and well-being, we hope that our fellow students have the resilience to achieve and thrive as we move forward. We are excited to be working closely with our new head team, the prefects and the staff to ensure everyone is cared for, has great ambitions and aspirations, and succeeds both at the academy and after they leave.

Daniel B – Head Boy

Erin C – Head Girl