​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governance - List of Governors ​ ​

Governors make an exceptional contribution to the work and direction of the school.  We make strategic appointments to the governing body to ensure a breadth of expertise and experience.  All are from the local community and are closely involved in the school as parents, employers or ex pupils. 

The Governing body have expertise in education, local government, law, regional government organisations, business, industry and accountancy.  Governors assume individual responsibility for holding departments and inclusion to account. A number of sub committees meet at least every term to evaluate the effectiveness of the school action plans and to act on their findings.

Parent Members​​ Staff Members​ ​Community Members
Chris Bland​ ​George Panayiotou (Ex-Officio)Bill Clift (Chair)​
Andrew KitchenGary Vessey

Kath Scott (Vice Chair)

​Gemma Storr​​​John Hughes
​Ian HobsonAdam Fletcher
​Daniella Cook (Observer)Alison Fender
​Martin Thomson

Governors Declaration of Interest 2016-17.pdf