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Key Stage 3​​

As soon as our pupils join us at Castleford Academy, we encourage them to have high aspirations for their future. Pupils complete an Aspirations Survey at the start of each academic year which provides us with data needed to tailor our careers provision. Based on the outcome of the survey, we invite guest speakers in to lead assemblies or bespoke workshops to ensure pupils are provided with current careers support. During our twice-yearly drop-down days in every year group, pupils become CSI’s (Careers Specialist Investigators) and speak to guest speakers about their career journey. This is an exciting way for pupils to engage with providers and to explore different career pathways.

Our Burberry Inspire project has ensured pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 have opportunities to work with The Hepworth Gallery, Northern Ballet, Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Young Film over the course of 4 years. Although we are at the end of this journey, pupils have accessed the best of what has been thought and said in the creative arts in our region. The project comes to an end in July 2022 and we endeavour to continue the legacy of the project by ensuring partnerships with local creative industries are strengthened.

In Year 9, we focus on ‘Building Character’ linked to our themed weeks. Pupils who display leadership skills, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication log their evidence on UniFrog.

Our Apprenticeship Week in February and Careers Week in March ensures every subject across school uses a range of approaches to drive pupils’ aspirations for their future with a particular focus on ‘Building Character’ in preparation for KS4 and life after the academy.

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Burberry Inspire: Celebrating the impact of arts and culture education on young people’s lives – Burberry

Burberry Inspire | Ideas Foundation

​Key Stage 4​

At Key Stage 4, we continue to build on the foundations established through Year 7 – 9 and our focus becomes more personalised for our pupils as they progress through to Post-16.

Our Careers Co-ordinator works closely with pupils and their mentors, making sure pupils are aware of all their options and are making informed decisions about their future. This is carefully balanced with building pupils’ character skills as they prepare for interviews and life beyond the academy.  

We work in partnership with EQUANS who provide mentoring and support to pupils taking the engineering and construction course. This involves termly meetings, a site visit and a Q and A session with apprentices employed by EQUANS.

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Mentoring KS4

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KS4 Engie Visit

Key Stage 5

Students who join us for Key Stage 5 have a structured careers programme to support them as they consider their pathways for either Higher Education, apprenticeships or employment. Life and Society lessons ensure pupils are supported with CV writing and how to perform at interview. Further to this, we support pupils in writing personal statements and ensure they have employer encounters through our structured Drop Down Days. Pupils also participate in work experience placements for every course across Year 12 and 13 to prepare them for working life.

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